Websites & Marketing

Grow your business worldwide with engaging multilingual web content

WhP website localization services help you transform your practices to become a truly global marketeer - from publishing SEO-friendly web content to optimizing your global content process.

Marketing content requires to be assessed ahead of starting the translation stage to ensure that we deliver, generating content that resonates with your buyer personas in their native language.

Working with you we will identify the ideal solution for how your content will be created for your global audience. We use Transcreation to craft impactful messages that match your audience’s culture and consumer habits. With Localization, we translate with cultural adaptation your content from text to graphics, animations, and multimedia content.

We address all forms of marketing content.

Our solutions

We design tailor-made workflows to make your global marketing content shine.

Website and marketing content is first about being found, second converting. We build our team around multilingual SEO experts for the local search engines and linguists and copywriters to make your messages impactful.

We also take your tone of voice and terminology at heart, building a glossary and translation memory to expand your brand across borders.

We adapt our localization services to your marketing needs

We manage an e-commerce website with 3 500 product references in childcare products, maternity and children’s fashion. When we decided to target Belgium and Spain, our challenge was to replicate the website navigation and marketing material, emails included, in a very short timeframe. Then we localized the content for Germany, Russia and the international market in English within two months. WhP demonstrated their expertise, versatility and efficiency in this domain : they met our quality requirements with dedicated solutions for each content type.

Isabelle Le Cam