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WhP has supported organizations for over 15 years, providing accurate and consistent documentation localization across all content types.

We work with structured and unstructured content to implement a solid reuse strategy and reduce localization time and costs. Our efficient solutions optimize consistency and costs across all language combinations and reduce the number of  manual operations. Our processes work with your native formats, removing the need to export. 

All documentation formats

Our solutions

Our proficient team of Localization Managers understands the complexities that surround technical documentation and their multiple content and format types. We bring together experts to localize your content and advise you in optimizing your processes.

We select subject matter expert linguists to match your content and ensure cultural adaptation for your target market, including numbers, dates and currencies. We can also optimize the searchability of your localized versions to enhance your sales and customer experience.

WhP localizes all formats of technical documentation and online help

Your localized content will be as efficient as your English content: consistent, user friendly, fully functional and searchable.

Amadeus e-Support Centre is an online web portal and knowledge base providing our customers with 24/7 access to a wide range of learning and support information and tools. It comprises over 5,000 indexed topics. Our localisation partner WhP set up a dedicated process to ensure high translation quality while involving our local organisations to review the content. WhP also optimised the searchability of the localised versions. Thanks to this performance we achieved our targets in all countries.

Marie-Christine Cyprès