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Creating intuitive UX on a global scale

WhP’s software localization services provide tailored end-to-end solutions, from resource file compilation to software testing.

Software localization requires a developer’s mindset and in-depth knowledge of industry terminology and practices. Using a finely tuned engine for your software, we drive our processes to enable you to reach new markets.

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Our proficient team of Localization Managers and Software Engineers understand the complexity of software localization. We bring together experts to deploy your software localization solution and advise you on content and processes.

We select subject matter expert linguists who ensure cultural adaptation for your target market, including converting numbers, dates, and currencies.  

WhP’s localization services optimize multilingual software management as our team takes on all aspects of localization.

We chose WhP to translate the UI of one of our software applications, as well as its online help and technical documentation. The files were authored in Author-It® and exported in an XML format; they contained a significant amount of tags, which made translation challenging. WhP helped us set up the workflow and review the translation directly in Worldserver. I greatly appreciated the team’s reactivity.

Jérôme Allain

Berger Levrault

We adapt our localization services to your software needs