DITA content

Leveraging the assets of structured content for efficient localization

Wherever you are on your DITA journey, you probably have ambitious goals regarding content reuse and localization savings.

Since 2004, WhP has been working alongside organizations that have adopted DITA, providing consultancy and localization services to enable them to reach their goals.
We have embraced the DITA standard, designing dedicated tools, sharing best practices, giving lectures, and moderating communities.

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Your challenges

Reducing the localization spend with DITA requires mastering its intricacies, from key terms to single sourcing, graphics and linguistic review. Organizational changes, such as going agile, migrating to a new CMS can also jeopardize your global DITA content processes.

Our solutions

Whatever your needs and DITA maturity, our in-house DITA experts, dedicated technology and partners can streamline your DITA content processes and output.

We apply your strict  guidelines and quality standards to localize your content.

We localize your DITA content and advise you to continuously improve your processes. You save time, costs, and hassle and excel at global content publication.

Leveraging our proven process and technology, we help you navigate an enterprise-level content process change, like a new CMS, going agile, or a merger/acquisition.
DITA Localization Workflow

The entire DITA project is exported from the CCMS. Using WhP’s translation memories and analysis tools, we only charge for localizing the new content and processing the files is free. The legacy content is readily available to give the translator more context and helps them improve its quality and productivity.

The client can rely on WhP to review the content, or carry it out with their SMEs. Their input can be facilitated with WhP’s Augmented Review, which enables to edit the translation dynamically, with the source and target languages displayed side-by-side, with integrated synchronization with the CCMS.

Looking for an expert to localize your DITA content?