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Wherever you are on your DITA journey, partnering with WhP will address your needs.

Since 2004, WhP has been working alongside organizations that have adopted DITA, providing consultancy and localization services to enable them to reach their goals. From migrating to a new CCMS to improving your localization bottom line, we can advise you and provide DITA-specific tools.
WhP’s DITA expertise is recognized by the tech pub community. We speak at conferences and host webinars several times a year.

Our DITA localization services enable our clients to save 25% on their localization costs and 80% on their time-to-market.  

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“With WhP’s DITA reuse techniques, you pay the translator once instead of 200 times.
Frank Miller, President & CEO of Ryffine.

Our DITA-specific solutions

We train our expert translators on XML, automate low-value tasks, design automated checks, and guarantee that 100% of our delivery is published correctly.
Your DITA localization projects are smoother as we help you refine workflows, instructions, project templates, translation memories, and query management.
Our Augmented Reviewdesigned for DITA replaces low-tech linguistic review with a dual-display dynamic interface. Your localized content is published faster and is more consistent over time.

DITA localization success stories

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We have improved the Translation Memory leverage from 50 to 80%” Matthieu Froment, 4D Concept for Peugeot-Citroën.

Choosing WhP came naturally because they have the expertise to process our User Interface and our documentation written in DITA” Eric Bergeron, Ixiasoft.

Kelly Lawetz, Director of Unified Content Services (UCS), at Genetec, sees localization as a driver for international growth. With the help of WhP, she is on a journey to optimize her DITA localization processes.

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It’s a great partnership with WhP and we really appreciate their knowledge” Kim Herbst, Emerson.

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