Loc-Ready DITA

Leverage the power of DITA in your localization

A powerful driver of content efficiency gains, the DITA standard is growing rapidly.

For over 15 years, WhP has focused on developing expertise in localization of technical documentation, with a strong focus on XML and DITA.

WhP’s DITA clients mostly author in English, a language with a standard alphabet and a simple grammar and sentence construction. The DITA attributes, combined with the complex languages, can generate localization errors. Loc-Ready DITA enables to adopt best practices and upgrade your information model, eliminating errors and increasing overall efficiency.

Loc-Ready DITA combines consulting and a suite of tools to ensure your content is optimized for localization

Loc-Ready DITA

Loc-Ready DITA delivers outstanding results


shorter time-to-market


reduction of inconsistencies


reduction of linguist queries