Augmented Review

Side-by-side display, dynamic editing, automatic synchronization

WhP's solution for better linguistic review

Streamline your DITA content review

Linguistic review or sign-off is considered as one of the most challenging tasks in structured content management.

WhP are vastly experienced in DITA architecture and the effectiveness DITA has in supporting localization. The DITA structure reduces the word count for localization and removes additional stages such as DTP, reducing costs and shortening go-to-market. 

The review is critical for organizations within regulated industries, with the need to mitigate risk of liabilities, and achieve high standards for global audiences. This stage can prove challenging, with limited resources or time restrictions.

WhP’s Augmented Review makes reviewing easy, dynamic and collaborative.

Designed to support all features and versions of DITA, WhP’s Augmented Review is web-based, with simple navigation and commands to ensure that the benefits of the DITA tools and workflows are enhanced.


Side-by-side bilingual display of text and images, enabling the reviewer to complete in-context review.  Newly translated content is highlighted, dramatically reducing review time.  


Edits are displayed on-the-fly and conditions can be applied to view the content in different configurations.


Edits are replicated in the translation memories to ensure consistency.

Change to a simple, low-impact process with the Augmented Review

Workflow for localized DITA content without the Augmented Review
Review workflow for localized DITA content with Augmented Review
Workflow for localized DITA content with the Augmented Review

After using Augmented Review

Our customers report significant improvements


average savings on linguistic review


shorter turnaround time


correct Translation Memory

Test the Augmented Review on your DITA content