Agile Video

Reach out to your global audience with translated videos

Whether we speak of tutorials, interviews or staging with actors, videos are a critical asset in your content strategy.

They are the most popular online format among software and technology users. They are often used as a resource in technical documentation.
The standard process for localizing videos requires multiple stakeholders and stages, which can lead to additional costs and delay the time-to-market.

WhP’s Agile Video is your alternative solution

WhP has combined their multimedia and translation expertise to design the Agile Video™ solution, relying on open standards such as XML, DITA, SRT, SSML to make the solution robust and expandable. Agile Video™ relies on technology to generate an audio script and produce the translated subtitles and voice-over in all your languages. The solution handles the specific pronunciations of brands and products.

Test Agile Video on your content