Agile Video

Techno-enabled tutorial translation

The preferred format to troubleshoot, compare and learn, tutorials are an invaluable asset for your content strategy.

Video tutorials can be expensive and time-consuming to translate, and are often only available in English. They may also be locked in a silo in the hands of marketing or customer support, depriving your content strategy of a powerful asset.

Scale up your tutorial translation with Agile Video™

WhP has combined their multimedia and translation expertise to design the Agile Video solution, relying on open standards such as XML, DITA, SRT, SSML to make the solution robust and scalable.

Using automation and synthetic voices, Agile Video™ generates the translated subtitles and voice-overs in all your languages. The solution handles the specific pronunciations of brands and product.

Benefits of Agile Video

Increase sales

Prospects and customers are more likely to purchase when  videos are available in their language. They also trust videos more than written content. So localized tutorials are your allies to facilitate sales overseas, from customer onboarding to nurturing.

Improve SEO

Top ranking in the search engines is easier with videos in languages other than English, as there are fewer translated videos available. Publishing localized videos gives your product and brand more visibility in your target countries.

Reduce costs up to 70%

Automation and text-to-speech synthetic voices provide a quality and cost-effective solution. Customers see up to 70% savings in comparison to hiring voice talents.

Publish in days instead of weeks

Within days instead of weeks we are able to generate your localized versions with voice-over and subtitling. Agile Video is 100% scalable, whether you need 10 or 50 languages, created and published within the same timeframe.

Reduce online support usage

Users are able to learn and troubleshoot using your localized videos and therefore resort less frequently to your online support.

See how Agile Video can work for you