Agile Graphics

Innovation delivering localized graphics

During the localization stage, graphics can be complex and costly.

Graphics and screenshots are often removed from the localization process, as they require text extraction, translation, DTP with published content combining source and translated text.

WhP’s innovative technology solution Agile Graphics™, is based on the SVG image format and DITA, creating localized graphics and screenshots in a simple and timely manner, so you can always consider them in your global content strategy.

Agile Graphics™ enables an effortless model to deliver localized graphics

  • We synchronize your graphics with your User Interface life cycles creating AGILE environment
  • You can fully integrate graphics to your structured documentation utilizing the POWER of DITA
  • You can publish your documentation updates at any time, in any language with up-to-date graphics
  • Removes the need for your Software to be localized
  • Your screenshots are automatically populated with the correct UI strings
  • You benefit from overall cost and time savings without compromising quality

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