Quality Policy

WhP’s commitment to quality

To deal with the rising demands of an ever-changing economic environment, we at WhP constantly strive to improve the quality of our services to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. By capitalizing on more than twenty-five years of experience, WhP provides solutions for clients to ensure their content reaches its full potential in any language.

Our Process Approach

At WhP, we seek to understand every aspect of a client’s business to adapt our services accordingly. We collaborate with our clients at all levels in their organization to achieve the best publication materials for print, digital, and beyond.

Our localization services are designed to help clients reach new regions and countries while consolidating their positions in current markets. For each client, our fully empowered, experienced Localization Managers provide tailor-made solutions and supervise the process from start to finish to ensure that the result is in line with client expectations. Subject matter expert linguists and other experts are carefully selected and trained to contribute to optimizing the localization process. In parallel, risks are mitigated, and all performances are evaluated to enhance the Quality Management System.

Flexible and Responsive Decision Making

Our objective is to grow without jeopardizing the quality of our services while maintaining our profitability, reliability, sustainability, independence, and innovation capabilities. To ensure this flexibility we are growing our expertise by attracting skilled employees and training them permanently, by selecting the best external experts, by relying on industry and technology standards, by innovating and creating the best solutions in technology and services.

Full commitment to our Quality Policy

As CEO, I personally undertake the continual improvement of our quality policy to satisfy the requirements of our clients as well as ISO requirements for quality management, environment, social responsibility, and working environment. Current and future needs are met by measuring and anticipating client and market expectations.
I intend to take all the necessary measures to ensure that WhP staff members understand their role and actively manage client relationships to the benefit of all. My goal is to make WhP a leading provider of global content services for clients worldwide in the coming years.

Dominique Trouche