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Whether you use DITA or any other structured content standard, you can rely on our expertise to deploy and optimize your content for a global audience. We have helped medium and large corporations publish content faster and in more languages, and we regularly host and speak at events worldwide to share DITA localization best practices.


Our clients save 40% of their localization effort, 80% of their time-to-market, and improve their content quality when they implement our localization-ready practices.
Like them, you can benefit from WhP’s Global Content consulting services. They integrate tools, methods, and technical writer training that facilitates localization. We focus our enhancements on going agile,  graphics and screenshots, key terms, reference externalization, measurement units, and more.

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“With DITA-specific localization practices, you pay once instead of 200 times
Frank Miller, President & CEO of Ryffine.


Localization costs decrease by 25% thanks to our DITA-specific processes. We train our expert translators on XML, automate low-value tasks using the DITA OT, Schematron or XSLT, design automated checks, and guarantee that 100% of our delivery is published correctly. Projects are smoother and right the first time with few exceptions. Our Augmented Review replaces slow and low-tech linguistic review with a dual-display dynamic interface. Your content is published faster and is more consistent over time.

Two weeks

Onboarding is rapid and risk-free: you benefit from WhP’s full value within two weeks.

Future ready DITA localization

Your global content is future-ready, as we continuously research and implement technology that enhances the localization of your content.

Contact us to discover how we can optimize your global DITA content.

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We have improved the Translation Memory leverage from 50 to 80%” Matthieu Froment, 4D Concept for Peugeot-Citroën.

Choosing WhP came naturally because they have the expertise to process our User Interface and our documentation written in DITA” Eric Bergeron, Ixiasoft.

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It’s a great partnership with WhP and we really appreciate their knowledge” Kim Herbst, Emerson.

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