Strategic Steering

Transform your global content process for higher efficiency and quality, while reducing costs and time to publish.

Strategic Steering

Enterprise-level changes can be challenging when organizations have an established content process.

The implementation of a new CMS, continuous pressure to reduce localization costs, merger or acquisition, present the opportunity to carry out a global content process makeover.

We bring our external expertise and orchestrate your Global Content Strategic Steering plan, so that your content processes are optimized for the user and localization purposes, and support company objectives.

Strategic Steering WhP

WhP's Strategic Steering starts with your business objectives and current practices to develop a Masterplan.

The methodology also includes the onboarding of stakeholders, the coordination with other contributors, and the management of related documentation.

Success Stories

WhP facilitates your transition to an optimized global content process. Our advanced technology has been developed to enhance the localization stages of your process.

Is your organization geared to Strategic Steering?