Localization Management

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Localization Management

When your own localization process is mature or you are faced with tight publication deadlines, WhP's Localization Management service is right for you.

Should you have a single project or be looking for a provider to enhance your localization team, WhP’s Localization Management delivers what you need.

Our expert teams are created and managed with your needs in mind. With our risk-free onboarding process, you can be assured of quality, cost efficiency, and on-time delivery for your projects. We select certified and experienced linguists from our linguist community to ensure the right word is used every time.

Localization Management offers you access to solutions to meet your localization needs.  Whether you require independent proofreading for your localized content, a fast Machine Translation service or linguistic testing for a software product, you can rely on our extensive portfolio of solutions.

Localization Management

Our solutions

Should you have a requirement that is out of scope, a member of the WhP team of experts will work with you to develop the right solution under Localization Optimization.

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