Life Sciences

Delivering accurate and measured localized content

Life sciences are a highly regulated market where content liability is high and the customers’ health is in most instances at stake.

Companies like yours prioritize risk mitigation and content traceability. The requirement to provide extensive documentation in the local language In order to be licensed to sell their products.

WhP understands that when Life Science organizations undertake localization, a consultative and detailed approach is required. Our consulting expertise supports you in optimizing your content, localization processes and traceability.

We will take ownership of the management of glossaries, terminology and translation memory management to ensure accuracy and consistency across all documentation. We maintain a network of expert certified medical linguists based in country who understand how critical accuracy not only in terminology but also numerical and measurements is critical.

We serve Life science players with both un-structure and DITA content leveraging practices such as re-use, conditional and image localization.

Case Study

When Zoetis a subsidiary of Pfizer was required to deploy training for European veterinaries, it was obvious for them to select WhP, a major player in eLearning localization. Beyond its expertise in eLearning content, WhP could assign translators who are experts in animal health as well as experienced multimedia engineers all with the aim to deliver turnkey localized modules in a very short deadline.

Our services and solutions have been designed based on our expertise and understanding of your needs