Automation and Manufacturing

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Automation and Manufacturing

Automation and manufacturing organizations create technical documentation in multiple formats across divisions.

Each product can refer to several documents sharing content such as technical specifications, installation, maintenance and servicing manuals.
WhP has been supporting Automation and Manufacturing organizations for over 15 years to achieve accurate and consistent translations across all content types. Our processes work with your native formats, removing the need to export.
We provide automation and manufacturing clients with a dedicated team of engineering and language experts to deliver fully functional, ready to use, localized content on-time for product launch. We support structured content and DITA standards to enable the implementation of a solid reuse strategy and reduce localization costs.

WhP localization stories

4D Concept chose WhP to localize the documentation of PSA, a leading European car maker. WhP increased content reuse by 75%, drastically reducing the localization spend. They also provided the Augmented Review,  a solution which has reduced the workload of 60 SMEs throughout the group.

Our localization services, from straightforward translation delivery to enterprise change management, comply with your quality standards and support your global brand.