Ixiasoft chooses WhP for their localization

Ixiasoft chooses WhP for their localization

Two DITA champions join forces

Part of Madcap Software, IXIASOFT is a software company marketing one of the leading DITA documentation systems, the IXIASOFT CCMS. Leveraging agile content delivery, they went through a major product makeover, adding SaaS subscriptions to their traditional on-premise offering. When they decided to get their offering localized into French, German and Japanese, they selected to partner with WhP, DITA localization expert.

WhP adds global content excellence to Ixiasoft’s software and online content

Choosing WhP came naturally because they have the expertise to process our User Interface and our documentation written in DITA, for which they had specific solutions. We were also happy to see that they advise us on improving the content and our practices to optimize localization. We learned a lot with them“ says Eric Bergeron, IXIASOFT’s CEO. WhP was very honored to be considered as DITA experts by the DITA CMS leader. Since 2016, WhP has been localizing IXIASOFT’s User Interface, supporting the efficient user experience in all languages, and handling the native resource files from product development teams. WhP is also localizing DITA documentation into German, French, Japanese with their advanced process ensuring fully consistent terminology and including linguistic sign-off by in-country-reviewers using the Augmented Review solution. “I don’t have much time to devote to this critical task and I would not have been able to review the content in French without Augmented review” adds Nolwenn Kerzreho, Technical Account Manager for Europe.

WhP is also supporting the Sales and Marketing team of IXIASOFT. When the new website was launched, WhP proposed an integrated workflow leveraging the terminology and translation memories of the technical content. “Beyond our website localization, we also involve WhP in our clients’ projects when they have concerns or very technical questions on localization” says Caroline Couvrette, IXIASOFT Sales Vice-President.

We are extremely happy about the success of this collaboration with Ixiasoft. Our techno and client-centric culture is paying off. I believe the investments we have made over the last years in developing the expertise of our project managers, consultants, and 
translators in the field of software and structured content localization are paying off. We will certainly discuss how IXIASOFT can benefit from our new techno solutions for easy localization of screenshots and tutorials, as well as localization-ready DITA specialization” concludes Dominique Trouche, CEO of WhP.