WhP Summit – Technical Documentation and Software

WhP Summit – Technical Documentation and Software

Technical Documentation
& Software Localization

 Thursday, October 28th

7:30 am PST,  10:30 EST,  4:30 pm CET

While the influence of content continues to grow, stay sharp to meet the needs of your users across the globe. Join our content community for the October edition of the #whpsmt – we’ll be sharing tools, tactics, and lessons learned around technical documentation and software localization.

You’ll hear from industry leaders how they create content that is agile, efficient, and impactful for their users worldwide. 

Learn along with our Tech Comm and Software community how to excel in creating localization-ready content, now and for the future.

📅 Agenda

7:30 AM PST | 4:30 pm CET

Susy Harrison, CSMO WhP


7:45 PST | 4:45 pm CET

CrossKnowledge Case Study

Trends and challenges of publishing multilingual eLearning content.

Expleo Case Study

From a proprietary topic-based solution to DITA with integrated translation workflows, the journey of a global content migration.

8:30 PST | 5:30 pm CET

Panel Discussion feat. Salesforce, Amadeus, Rigi.io and WhP 

Industry leaders share best practices around UI localization, working agile and breaking the silos.

9:30 PST | 6:30 pm CET


9:40 PST | 6:40 pm CET

Insights from Experts – Megan Gilhooly, Zoomin – formerly Amazon Web Services 

How tech doc is consumed across countries and industries – contrasts and trends.

10:15 PST | 7:15 pm CET

Prerequisites for agile software localization – Dominique Trouche 

Agile multilingual software and related content processes – creation, localization, maintenance.

10:30 PST | 7:30 pm CET

  Raffle and wrap-up