Webinar – Scale Up Your Video Translation with Agile Video

Webinar – Scale Up Your Video Translation with Agile Video

Thursday, December 15th
11 am EST – 4 pm GMT – 5 pm CET

Users love explainer videos. They go to them to select, set up, and troubleshoot their software and equipment. 

To fully engage with your brand, users worldwide need videos in their native language, complete with subtitles and voice-over. Traditional video translation requires time and a large budget. For each language, you must select a voice talent that matches your sonic branding; you then provide a pronunciation guide for your brand names and other key terms; and before publishing you must validate pronunciation and synchronization.

Imagine an automated solution that allows you to localize your tutorials in 15, 30, or more languages, using natural-sounding neural voices and subtitles. 

Our solution, Agile Video, enables you to:

  • Boost your SEO in the target countries,
  • Enhance customer onboarding and User Experience,
  • Shorten time-to-market,
  • Update in agile mode with each product release.