Case Study – Localization-enabled growth at SketchUp

Case Study – Localization-enabled growth at SketchUp

With over 33 million users, SketchUp, a Trimble product, is the premier design software among creative professionals across architecture, interior design, construction, and more.

Its userbase started in North America and the software is currently available in fourteen languages. The organization relies on content marketing, available in 11 languages, for business development, and quality localization is paramount to ensure the content resonates with local audiences. Pascale Amozig-Bukszpan, Trimble SketchUp’s Localization Specialist for marketing content, shares her approach to localization.

Enhanced localization process for SketchUp marketing content

SketchUp’s marketing content is authored by their marketing and customer support teams. Pascale is based in France, and with her 25 years of experience in localization, she knows that adapting marketing content to the locale is paramount to resonate with SketchUp’s global audience.

Pascale joined SketchUp in the summer of 2022 to manage the end-to-end localization process for all of SketchUp’s marketing content, with the utilization of their online Translation Management System and the migration to a new Content Management System for the website.

Pascale also wanted to introduce quality steps, including linguist validation and functional testing for videos, blogs, campaigns, and web content in over 11 languages. “I needed to expand the localization support in partnership with a professional Language Services Provider to improve processes, quality, and who was versatile enough to manage complex projects and workflows.” That is when Pascale turned to WhP.

SketchUp sees clicks and software sales increase

Quality is Pascale’s number one requirement. She asked WhP to create a team of expert linguists and organized product training, including access to the software. This enabled the linguists to familiarize themselves with its features and user experience. Pascale feels confident about WhP’s personalized approach: “The thorough onboarding process enabled us to set the stage for projects in every possible format, and I know their technical team can solve any challenge that may occur.

WhP’s first project with SketchUp was video localization, providing the subtitling and professional voice-over. Since WhP has localized over 100 branding and learning videos in up to 11 languages. The collaboration led to the localization of related blogs and marketing campaigns focusing on French and German markets, which responded strongly to their publications. Pascale quotes, “The company has seen the number of clicks and software subscriptions increase and hopes to achieve further results when we complete focused campaigns in target markets over the period of Q2 and Q3.”

Pascale’s mid-term goals are to localize and launch the new website and expand localization into new regions. Pascale believes in WhP as a trusted partner to ensure localized content is appropriate for each locale and to assist her in scaling up her localization activity.