Introducing DITA localization best practices

Introducing DITA localization best practices

According to our inquiries, over 95% of DITA adoption projects are driven by an ROI exclusively funded by savings in localization. It’s indeed harder to factor in enhanced user experience, superior content quality, and more convenient maintenance.

However, our inquiry also reveals that three out of four companies adopting DITA do not reach their post-migration targets, even with three to four years’ maturity.

Thanks to our clients, we have dug deep into the intricacies of DITA content localization. We’ve found ways to reach the target ROI. Today we’re launching DITA Loc Wire, a series of best practice articles that will give you the keys to UI control tagging, conditionalizing, in-context review, and agile content localization – those are some examples of the topics we’ll cover weekly. We hope to save you invaluable time and stress, wherever you are on your DITA journey.

Our intent behind DITA Loc Wire is to trigger discussions and testimonials from both users and experts within the DITA community. We’ll get fellow experts and clients to speak as often as possible, and we hope to read your comments. If you want to contribute or share a best practice, please contact us.

Since we want the DITA Loc Wire to deliver the highest value, we will add free take-aways when possible. We’ve included our DITA & Loc icon (the one featured above), that you can use freely.

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