Webinar – How to Scale up your Tutorial Localization

Webinar – How to Scale up your Tutorial Localization

Thursday, March 31st
11 am EST – 5 pm CET

Video first! Software and equipment users love video content to compare, learn and troubleshoot your products. Whether in Mumbai, Copenhagen, or Sao Paulo, they are eager to watch your tutorials.

Imagine a solution that integrates your video content to your enterprise content strategy, breaking the silos between the tech comm and customer support teams. A solution that enables you to localize your tutorials in 15, 30 languages or more, using natural-sounding neural voices and subtitles. 

Our solution, Agile Video, enables you to:

  • Boost your SEO in the target countries,
  • Enhance customer onboarding and User Experience,
  • Shorten time-to-market,
  • Pay a fraction of the cost of voice talents.

Join our Agile Video live demo and see how it can work for your tutorials.