Conference – ConVEx Baltimore

Conference – ConVEx Baltimore

April 17-19th

Join us for our presentation on Best Practices for Agile-Ready Localization

This year, we share a trend we have seen with many of our software publishing clients. Their rapid growth has enabled their products to access markets worldwide. Their challenge today is to keep content processes, including localization, in sync with frequent releases and new target countries.

While the Agile methodology has gone mainstream within the software development teams, it often stops there. Localization of documentation and user interface contents are in other silos and have mostly kept their waterfall practices.

In this presentation, we look at the benefits of deploying the Agile methodology not only with your development team, but also within your documentation and translation teams. And we show you the pitfalls and share best practices to make you an Agile global content black belt.

Find out some of our guidelines for software localization.