Conference – DITA Europe Helsinki

Conference – DITA Europe Helsinki

Our journey towards optimized DITA content localization

12-13 February 2024

Join us for our presentation on Best Practices for
DITA Localization

This year, we look at the benefits of deploying DITA Localization best practices not only with your development team, but also within your documentation and translation teams. And we show you the pitfalls and share best practices, tools and processes to make your DITA Global content localization ready.

The audience will gain insights on how DITA localization best practices can improve or enhance their processes for localization. As a DITA localization expert, we have been advising content teams how to implement new ways of creating localization-ready content. We will share how these practices have enabled them to reduce their localization costs and publish high-quality content that resonates with their audience worldwide.