As your company and your global reach grow, so do your content needs.

We localize your content and help you optimize your global content processes.

We craft your localized content for user experience, efficiency and cultural relevance.

Our technology tools automate low value-add steps, shorten time-to-market and save money. Our localization expertise enables you to become best-in-class in global content practices.

Serving companies with a strong technical culture, we offer three levels of services.


Quality on-time localization
that complies with
your processes.


Localization and project-based continuous improvement.


Enterprise-level consulting
for a future-ready global
content model.

Our clients purchase more than words and linguistic pairs. In many instances, they are looking for expertise to solve pain points or implement business objectives: leverage localization reuse, migrate translated content to a new Content Management System, ensure consistency between their interfaces and technical documentation, or reduce time to market.

We provide an end-to-end service centered around our experienced localization managers who manage the translation team and the project process, identify and implement improvement opportunities.

We care about subject matter expertise and mastering our clients’ terminology to ensure consistency across all content types. We strive to break the silos and work for the convergence of techpub, training, and marketing content.

Techno focus

WhP’s Agile Video scales up your video translation

With Agile Video, you can replace voice talents with natural-sounding synthetic voices and publish a video in dozens of languages or more in a matter of days.

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